2023 Student Leaders

Congratulations to our students who have been selected to lead our school in 2023.



School Captains: Kavindu & Sadie School Vice Captains: Sean and Ivy
Bates House Captains: Nicoleta & Damien Vice Captains: Jackson & Betty
LaTrobe House Captains: Verity & Jagger Vice Captains: Candy & Chesca
Kelly House Captains: Selinca & Evan Vice Captains: Jeremy & Scarlett
Fire Carriers: Jack, Mia, Chiara, Sienna, Mae, Olivia & Hayden
Library Captain: Audrey Art Captain: Ivy
5/6W SRC: Marley & Lexi
5/6EJ SRC: Ruben & Kara
3/4L SRC: Imogen & Annie
3/4K SRC: Benji & Parker
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