At Our Lady of the Way, our aim is to nurture inquisitive minds that are determined to explore, question, think and reflect on their learning, in order to become effective problem solvers and to participate in our society competently, confidently and independently. 

Our teachers plan for challenging, stimulating and purposeful learning from grades Prep to Six, using the Victorian Curriculum to guide the progression of learning. Each lesson involves the Mathematics proficiencies of understanding, problem solving, fluency and reasoning to ensure students are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to successfully engage with their world.

 We use contemporary data collection for each learning area to ensure all students’ individual learning needs are being met and ensure that the resources are tailored to their needs whether they be hands-on manipulatives or technologies. 

 At Our Lady of the Way, our Mathematics program aims to:

  • Recognise individual differences and different learning styles and needs
  • Support and enrich students in their learning
  • Instill a love of learning mathematics
  • Develop students’ number sense and understanding of number concepts and operations
  • Provide opportunities for students to practice, master and retain the skills they have been taught over the year by incorporating Daily Reviews into each lesson
  • Include investigations, problem-solving and open-ended tasks throughout the learning experiences
  • Encourage children to talk about their learning during maths activities
  • Provide opportunities for students to reflect on their learning through sharing and reflection time at the conclusion of each lesson
  • Use materials and technology to support students in their learning
  • Use ongoing assessment to inform our teaching and plan for individual student needs
  • Recognise the vital role literacy plays in the development of numeracy.