Our School

Our Lady of the Way was established in 1963 with a central block of three classrooms, and another room added some years later.

In 1994 and again in 2010 large building programs took place to develop and upgrade the facilities of the school providing purpose built learning and specialist Art, Music and Language areas, as well as extensive landscaping.

In 2015 the Office and Administration Area were refurbished and upgraded to provide an open, bright  and welcoming entrance to visitors. New signage defining the front of the school entrance was constructed early 2016, guiding visitors to the new School Office. In 2017 Outdoor Experiential Music and Play Areas was created, along with an Outdoor  Soccer (Futsal) Field and a long jump/triple jump pit.

In 2020, the school commenced a major refurbishment and redevelopment of the existing Hall and consolidate this as part of the school complex, refurbish and remodel the 4 initial classrooms that were built when the school first opened in 1963, remodel and rebuild the student toilets, and  redevelop the basketball and associated play areas that make up the central hub of the school courtyard. This work concluded in June 2022. In early 2023, the School Library and the remaining two classrooms in the main school building were refurbished, ensuring that all learning areas are of an outstanding quality and are modern and contemporary learning spaces.

The Parish Church, Hall and School are located on a large site in attractive surroundings. The surroundings incorporate a range of settings, from quiet garden retreats and sand pit, to the more active adventure playgrounds, basketball court  and oval areas. Our students enjoy their play areas and synthetic fields each recess and lunch time. We take pride in our facilities and work hard to keep them excellent condition.