Location & Contacts

Before & After School Care

Our Lady of the Way and Kingsbury Primary School share a Before & After School Program and a Holiday Program.

For Before School Care, students are dropped off at Kingsbury Primary School and they remain there until they are brought across to Our Lady of the Way at 8.45am. For After School Care, the students are collected from the meeting point at Our Lady of the Way and then walk across as a group to Kingsbury Primary. For information about the program please click:

OSH Care Program

To register for the Program please complete the 2019 Enrolment Form and return it to the Kingsbury Primary School office or via email to asc.kingsbury.ps@edumail.vic.gov.au.

OSHC 2019 Enrolment Form Click HERE to go to the Program's website Registered families can click HERE to make an OSHC Online Booking